Insane video: Student pummels female officer during HUGE after school brawl; four cops injured

Welcome to Obama’s America, where anarchy rules. Four police officers were injured, including a female officer who was viciously assaulted, after a mob of around 200 students gathered […]

Obama blows one more promise: Plans to ‘run out the clock’ with US boots on ground in Syria, Iraq

The United States has announced what it calls a “shift” in operations in Syria by deploying a small number of special operations forces, not to exceed 50, […]

Growing Tarantino boycott hits filmmaker on home turf; anti-police protesters cry, intimidation!

Law enforcement officers in Los Angeles and Philadelphia are joining New York’s finest in calling for a boycott of filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s motion pictures, following remarks he’d […]

Protests ignite outside governor’s mansion after MASSIVE sanctuary city law

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed a bill into law this week making it illegal for cities to become sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, by prohibiting them from restricting law enforcement […]

Hillary dissenter slips into campaign event, elicits ‘BOOS’ for this simple question

The Clinton campaign’s well-known reputation for screening “ordinary folks” at her campaign stops to ensure only true supporters are allowed in, apparently fell apart at a New Hampshire rally. […]

Social media’s not buying Ann Coulter’s reason for DEFENDING CNBC moderators

The CNBC moderators of the GOP presidential debate found a surprising ally in conservative author and pundit, Ann Coulter. Following the debate Wednesday, Coulter tweeted that the candidates who were […]

NYU Students are baffled by new affirmative consent laws [video]

By Blake Neff    A newly-released video shows that New York students remain confused about the implications of a new affirmative consent law that dramatically changes how […]

Liberal Sally Kohn forced to correct egregious ‘lie’ about 10,000 gun deaths

In a column published Thursday by CNN, lawyer and liberal commentator Sally Kohn wondered why we regulate toys but not guns, and stated categorically that 10,000 children […]

Rubio crushes Clinton lapdog Charlie Rose during OUTRAGEOUS Benghazi exchange

CBS News’ Charlie Rose single-handedly proved Marco Rubio’s point about the media being Hillary Clinton’s super pac. Rubio appeared on CBS “This Morning” on Thursday to discuss […]

Classless! Hillary uses clip of her ‘bored’ self from Benghazi hearing to poke fun at GOP debate

Hillary Clinton live texted and tweeted the GOP debate Wednesday night, and one of her tweets got the ire of Sen. Marco Rubio. The texts, for which […]

‘Atta boy!’ First thing House Speaker Paul Ryan DOESN’T DO has social media cheering

Rep. Paul Ryan’s athletic prowess served him well after his election as the new House speaker — he dodged a hug from House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi. […]

‘Distraught’ Bush Donor: Rubio is a ‘f*****g Jedi Master’

By Rachel Stoltzfoos A Jeb Bush Donor upset about his failed attack on Sen. Marco Rubio in the Republican presidential primary debate Wednesday called Rubio a “Jedi […]