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Bob Beckel: Now that Black Lives Matters disrespected Hillary, they’re acting ‘crazy’

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Liberal firebrand Bob Beckel thinks Black Lives Matter protesters should have sat down and shut up.

Speaking with Don Lemon on Friday, Beckel was discussing the group’s hijacking of a Hillary Clinton event and said he couldn’t understand why the perennially offended group would attack an ally like Clinton.

“I think that it was absolutely ridiculous. I think they should have listened,” Beckel said. “I think it’s time for them to be quiet and listen and then have their say. But I just think to sit there and to belittle somebody for saying the things they want them to say is just crazy.”

That’s what it took for Beckel to think they are crazy?

The marches where they demand death to cops wasn’t a tip off?

Watch the segment below.

Carmine Sabia


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