Hillary ordered one of her minions to break the law, WH won’t comment

Hillary Clinton ordered her aides to have classified information sent to her “nonsecure” when her advisor told her they were having trouble sending via secure fax, newly […]

Obama’s ‘fully vetted’ refugees? Terror suspect’s wife says he’s innocent, ‘he loves America’

The FBI isn’t buying the wife of a Houston terror suspect’s story that ‘he s America,” leaving Americans wondering if that’s President Obama‘s idea of “fully vetted.” […]

Liberal blogger becomes unhinged during Don Lemon gun control debate

Liberal Igor Volsky became unhinged when conservative CNN contributor Ben Ferguson compared the National Rifle Association‘s lobbying efforts to the Solyndra green energy scandal. As host […]

‘How dare you’: Trump ‘reprimands’ fan for yelling ‘Obama is a Muslim’

As frontrunner Donald Trump crisscrossed the Granite State, at a small town rally a man yelled out that President Obama is “a Muslim,” prompting the billionaire to […]

Video: Ben Carson’s 4 words that made this LGBT woman curse him

For conservative presidential candidates, the LGBT ambush can come at any time, and neurosurgeon Ben Carson was ready for it, sending the frustrated questioner away uttering curses. […]

Michigan Muslim activist justifies stabbing Jews as ‘animal rights’ issue ‘at best’

A Muslim woman from Michigan, who claims to have represented the U.S. under Hillary Clinton‘s State Department, compared defending stabbing attacks on Jews to “representing animal rights.” […]

Reporter DESTROYS WH press secretary on gun control for leaving out KEY fact

President Obama‘s press secretary cited “30,000 gun deaths in America” as the reason his boss should end-run Congress to implement new gun controls–but he omitted akey fact. […]

Trump offers THIS challenge to Hillary for saying guns don’t keep you safe

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump issued a challenge to Democrat Hillary Clinton: If she really believes that guns don’t keep you safe, she should “demand that her heavily […]

Video: Watch reaction of CEO when ‘Undercover Boss’ catches theft on camera

The latest “Undercover Boss” had reality slap him in the face when the CEO sawhis store robbed, on camera. Sam Dushey, president and CEO of Shoppers World, […]

Finally! House to take up replacing, not just repealing, Obamacare

House Republicans plan to start the new year by fulfilling a long-awaited promise: sending a bill to repeal Obamacare to the president’s desk. And not just repeal […]

‘Trump is disgusting’; GOP donor behind anti-Trump skywriting over Rose Parade

The man who paid for anti-Trump skywriting overthe Pasadena Rose Parade is making no secret of his identity — he’s a millionaire real estate developer from Alabama […]

Clinton’s State Department kept tabs on Drudge, emails show

Hillary Clinton‘s State Department staff kept her informed on what Matt Drudge was up to, according to newly released es from Clinton’s private server. Two es emerged […]

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