College president apologizes for wearing sombrero

The mess began earlier this week . . .

Arnold Schwarzenegger, replacing ‘boardroom Trump,’ just put muscle behind THIS presidential candidate

Arnold Schwarzenegger has yet to officially endorse anyone for president, but he put his muscle behind one GOP presidential candidate. The former governor of California spoke at a Los […]

‘We were betrayed’: Priebus pens scathing letter to NBC, denies candidate revolt

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus sent NBC a big “you’re fired” after Wednesday’s CNBC debate debacle, and many think it’s high time that the GOP deal […]

Nothing to see here: White House blocks release of Obama-Hillary emails until after he leaves office

As another flood of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server collection pours out—7,000 pages this time—the White House has announced it will not release any emails between […]

‘Hell You Talmbout?’ Black Lives Matters crashers serenaded Hillary, but I don’t think she liked it!

Black Lives Matter protesters crashed an “African-Americans for Hillary” campaign event in Atlanta on Friday and began singing to Hillary Clinton as she spoke to a few […]

Hillary ambush a ‘surreal scene’! Supporters face off with Black Lives Matter rabble-rousers

Guy Bentley Hillary Clinton was temporarily drowned out by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters Friday as she was giving a speech calling for criminal justice […]

Costly lesson: NY $15 minimum wage hits school budgets hard

By Connor D. Wolf   A proposal to enact a $15 minimum wage in New York could cost state school districts $276 Million, according to a report […]

Trump takes on Obama; crowd cheers when he says what few others will

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made an observation Thursday that many politicians seem to have considered, but few have come right out and said — that President […]

Mexican military mistakenly shoots, injures US toddler in border town

Another girl in the vehicle was grazed and the toddler’s mother was hit with glass fragments.

Man’s viral Facebook post about traffic stop defies anti-cop narrative on every level

A black man’s story of being stopped by police while wearing a hoodie and carrying a Glock is going viral – for all the right reasons. Steven […]

‘Pawn Star’ host says endorsing Republican candidates bad for business, but sticks to his guns

While celebrities line up to sing, dance and raise funds for Hillary Clinton, one reality television star said his support of a Republican hurt him financially. Rick […]

CNN’s Don Lemon starts to wonder if liberals are ‘more intolerant than conservatives’

CNN anchor Don Lemon isn’t making any friends on the progressive left this week. First, he said more information was needed about the incident in which a […]