Mystery surrounds Texas man arrested for weapons stockpile, claims he was on ‘classified’ government mission

A man charged with illegal possession of firearms has an interesting explanation. Francho Bradley and his wife,Adrianne Jennings, were arrested Sunday in Tewksbury, Mass. after a large […]

David Hogg gets tripped up by CNN fact-check, his reaction is telling…

“Yes, these are low-hanging fruit.”

Melania’s response to Stormy Daniels’ ‘salaciaous gossip’ is every bit as classy as you would expect

Nobody elected Trump to be their altar boy.

Megyn Kelly compares herself to porn star to attack Trump- she may not have thought this one through

“I used to watch her every day. Then for some odd reason she turned into Rosie.”

Rapper tells gun-grabbers: ‘you’re not woke,’ and ‘you’re going to progress us into slavery,’ but then he recants

After the left attacked him, he recanted. Hmmm…sounds familiar

Heineken gets hammered for ‘sometimes, lighter is better’ ad where a beer slides by black patrons to a white people

“You have to be jing. A commercial about LIGHT beer is racist for saying light is better.”

Rep. Steve King hits Parkland teen with meme for wearing a Cuban flag on jacket to push disarming America

The person managing King’s page shot back, writing that the meme wasn’t “picking” on anyone, but “calling attention to the truth.”

Parents of Texas 16-year-old drenched her in hot oil, beat and choked her for refusing arranged marriage

He said it’s not yet certain whether the other children were abused, but suggested the parents will face additional charges.

Now this: Dem candidate for sheriff says he’ll take guns from Americans’ ‘cold, dead hands’

The irony here is that he is running for a position that is responsible for “public safety”

Jenna Jameson gives Stormy Daniels career advice: She ‘should have kept her trap shut’

“His penis size is irrelevant to his fan base.”

‘I went through hell’ under McCabe: Fmr female FBI agent is loving Karma and telling why

When she learned of his firing earlier this month, Gritz said she shouted with joy.

One good thing in omnibus bill, and it has to do with the jailed doctor who helped us kill bin Laden

President Trump proclaimed that Pakistan would “no ” receive US help while giving “safe haven” to terrorists.