Boy in viral Ferguson photo feared dead in mysterious car crash amid disturbing reports of abuse


Boy with sick father makes emotional plea to POTUS, receives a response that will melt your heart

“That’s the main reason I want to pull through – so I can be the dad that he deserves.”

Fed-up chef responds to vegan protesters by showing them how to carve a deer leg, and eat it

“This was his way of getting revenge on us.”

My kids ‘actually love me’: Let’s just say Jeb Bush’s dig at Trump doesn’t go over well with Don Jr.

“I’m still in therapy.”

Color me shocked, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer utters the one sentence we were all waiting to hear

“Thanks Stormy for making yourself lo like a total bimbo to the world.”

Trump’s coming after Amazon. He’s reportedly ‘obsessed’ and Jeff Bezos better brace himself

“He’s obsessed with ,” one source said of President Trump. “Obsessed.”

‘Yeah, I’ve never been shot at …’ SEAL who killed bin Laden puts ‘out of control’ anti-gun kids in their place

“Yeah, I’ve never been shot at …”

2nd Amendment-supporting sportswear company rolls out must-have item: conceal carry yoga pants

Women are targets of attacks when they go for runs. “Live. Speak. Stand. Run. Carry with Confidence,”

CNN allows racist on-air attack: ‘Are you a hypocrite or a bigot’ for ignoring Trump affair?

He outright attacked her as a racist for not freaking out over Trump affairs, because if he were black …

CNN’s Brian Stelter confesses that he let David Hogg lie on-air sometimes


Twice deported illegal alien accused of raping teen released by sheriff without reporting to ICE

“ICE puts out a blanket statement every time they do these things because they want to cover their butts.”

Democrats introduce anti-gun legislation with a new angle: ‘Bullet control’

“You do not have the right to bear bullets,”