Trump admin puts Amazon on notice: Time to ‘level the playing field’

“Right now there is no internet sales tax.”

Thug who mercilessly beat Autistic man shows up to court covered in bruises

“He got his butt kicked.”

Protesters storm city hall, demand Chicago strip police of millions, and give to black students

“Rahm supports schools and resources for cops, not for Black and Brown kids.”

Jorge Ramos doesn’t like it here anymore, says he wants to move back to Mexico

Well, you know where the open-border is…

DNC’s Keith Ellison announces support for government-funded universal basic income

“You know, like in the 1930s, we paid artists to basically document the [Great] Depression.”

State Dept to enhance vetting, especially on visitors from countries that impose female mutilation

“The message needs to be sent that ‘we don’t do that here.’”

Russia to retaliate by closing US Consulate in St. Petersburg, foreign minister says

But aren’t Trump and Putin supposed to be best buds?

Regretful Biden really wishes Obama had given tax cuts, basically concedes Trump’s right

“I wish we could have done again, going back, as I wish we…”

David Hogg’s sister tries to drag FLOTUS into brother’s feud with Ingraham, ignites firestorm


Judge Nap predicts inspector general will find ‘treasure trove’ of abuses by the FBI against Trump

“I’ve never heard of a ratio, a number that high. 99.9 percent.”

Michael Cohen’s lawyer makes a bet with Megyn Kelly: My client will win millions from Stormy Daniels

“…a contract is a contract is a contract.”

Fla. official doubles down on calling Parkland protestors ‘miscreants’: Some call it blunt, I call it truth

“The west side is a very patriotic community. We are a very constitutional community…”

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