‘Yeah, I’ve never been shot at …’ SEAL who killed bin Laden puts ‘out of control’ anti-gun kids in their place

You can count Robert J. O’Neill out of any future March For Our Lives.

The former Navy SEAL, whose more than 400 missions included putting the fatal shot in the head of terrorist Osama bin Laden, addressed the topic of gun control this week–criticizing student activists who advocate restricting firearm ownership in the wake of last month’s school shooting in Florida.

“It’s really entertaining to listen to kids who know nothing about guns tell sensible gun-owners how many rounds they need to protect their families, O’Neill wrote.

The demands of teenage activists have regularly included banning the AR-15 and other semiautomatic rifles, as well as raising the firearm purchase age to 21 and expanding background checks.

Robert O’Neill. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File).

O’Neill’s comment about kids telling “sensible gun-owners how many rounds they need” appeared to be a response to a Democrat-sponsored bill introduced Monday that would require background checks for purchasing ammunition.

Democrats have opposed AR-15-style weapons has despite statistics indicating that handguns are twice as likely to be used in mass shootings than rifles.

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(AP Photo/Evan Vucci).

O’Neill has reproved gun control efforts, likening them to gun confiscation programs in Nazi Germany.

The legendary Navy SEAL responded to a Twitter user who said he shouldn’t criticize Parkland survivors because he has never been “what they went through.”

O’Neill has also argued that bullying in schools plays a role in the occurrence of mass shootings.

The veteran wasn’t alone in taking aim at the gun control movement.

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