Historic churches that stood in the shadow of the World Trade Center install metal detectors

Church leadership decided as the increasing dangers of a post 9/11 world.

Hit Netflix show will now include a trigger warning after viewers complained

So sensitive!

Dad who lost son to illegal immigrant blames the media and Cali. Dems — and he’s naming names

“Now you know what it’s like to have your child killed when it was completely preventable.”

Elderly Holocaust survivor killed by Islamist neighbor she knew since he was seven

“My mother accepted everyone.”

California leading charge of several states readying another legal challenge against Trump

“Climate change is the most important global environmental issue of our time.”

From prison to Congress, former coal CEO could be 2018’s unexpected election win

“I’ve done these types of things long before it could be said to be redemption.”

Twice deported illegal alien accused of raping teen released by sheriff without reporting to ICE

“ICE puts out a blanket statement every time they do these things because they want to cover their butts.”

NYC Democrat seeks to outlaw checking work emails after hours, basically wants to regulate ambition

Heaven forbid, someone who puts in the extra effort gets an edge.

Rapper who performed at DC gun control march pleaded guilty to gun charge last year

“I’m so shocked.”

Democrats introduce anti-gun legislation with a new angle: ‘Bullet control’

“You do not have the right to bear bullets,”

Al Sharpton’s half-brother charged with murder in shooting, one day after supporting anti-gun march

Sharpton and Glasgow haveprotested togetherin the past…

Mystery surrounds Texas man arrested for weapons stockpile, claims he was on ‘classified’ government mission

A man charged with illegal possession of firearms has an interesting explanation. Francho Bradley and his wife,Adrianne Jennings, were arrested Sunday in Tewksbury, Mass. after a large […]

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