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NYC Democrat seeks to outlaw checking work emails after hours, basically wants to regulate ambition

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Leave it to Democrats to legislate checking emails.

Rafael Espinal, representing the 37th District of the New York City Council, wants to make it illegal to check job-related email after hours. But it’s for your own good, of course, with politicians legislating a proper work-life balance.

Not that Kyle Reyes, The Silent Partner Marketing CEO, agrees, insisting that “work place balance is unique to the individual.”

“This is a serious law, and I think that in the form that it is right now, I can’t imagine that it’s going to pass, but stranger things have happened,” Reyes said Monday in an appearance on Fox Business’ “Risk & Reward.”

“To pass legislation saying, ‘You can’t force your employees to check emails after hours,’ there are no exemptions in the way it’s written right now that we can see that provided exemptions for police or for medical professionals,” he added.

Reyes noted that if the law does pass, it wouldn’t be the first time the city has made a mistake with “knee-jerk” legislation.

As for Democrats, who’ve long endeavored to ensure equal outcome instead of equal opportunity, it should come as no surprise that they try to regulate ambition.

“Anytime the government puts its hand in a business and takes away from the ability for an employee to outshine and outperform and show their own skills and abilities, we’re making a mistake,” Reyes said.

He stressed that businesses are looking for people willing to work and hustle.

“Business is a meritocracy,” Reyes concluded. “Those who are willing to invest their time and their resources and their energy, and work harder than everyone else, those are the people who are going to win.”

Tom Tillison


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