Rapper tells gun-grabbers: ‘you’re not woke,’ and ‘you’re going to progress us into slavery,’ but then he recants

After the left attacked him, he recanted. Hmmm…sounds familiar

Heineken gets hammered for ‘sometimes, lighter is better’ ad where a beer slides by black patrons to a white people

“You have to be jing. A commercial about LIGHT beer is racist for saying light is better.”

Rep. Steve King hits Parkland teen with meme for wearing a Cuban flag on jacket to push disarming America

The person managing King’s page shot back, writing that the meme wasn’t “picking” on anyone, but “calling attention to the truth.”

Pulse nightclub shooter’s father was a secret FBI informant

According to a federal court motion, the father of radicalized Muslim gunman Omar Mateen reportedly served as an FBI informant for 11 years. Mateen killed 49 people […]

Parents of Texas 16-year-old drenched her in hot oil, beat and choked her for refusing arranged marriage

He said it’s not yet certain whether the other children were abused, but suggested the parents will face additional charges.

Now this: Dem candidate for sheriff says he’ll take guns from Americans’ ‘cold, dead hands’

The irony here is that he is running for a position that is responsible for “public safety”

Jenna Jameson gives Stormy Daniels career advice: She ‘should have kept her trap shut’

“His penis size is irrelevant to his fan base.”

UN decides abortion is a vital right for women all over the world. Here’s what it means.

…calling the act of criminalizing abortions a violation of rights.

Suspicious meetings Papadopoulos had leading up to election are complicated. Here’s what went down.

London was a veritable stomping ground for Papadopoulos during the campaign.

College Dems use banner of Trump in KKK hood to recruit. Here’s how the university handled it.

“By constructing and displaying this banner you have spen for your fellow Democrats who did not approve of this banner. “

Trump kicks out 60 Russian diplomats over spy case; closes doors at Seattle consulate

Seattle consulate shuttered …

Does Ann Coulter still have Trump’s ear? President responds to her suggestion after omnibus shakeup

Somewhere, Ann Coulter was surely grinninglike aCheshire cat …