Roseanne schools WAPO for portraying her ‘deplorable’ Trump-loving character as a bigot

“I know this may come as a shock to you…”

YouTube makes big change that has Second Amendment advocates more than worried


Even left-wing Salon is hating on Biden’s ‘macho fantasies’ of beating up Trump 

Always amusing when they eat their own.

Mark Levin calls for Mitch McConnell to resign amid ‘shocking and disgusting’ corruption allegations

“And they dare to attack this president and his family?”

Liberal headline calls Austin bomber a ‘devout Christian’ with no evidence, imagine the outcry if he was Muslim

And have you ever once used the head: “A devout Muslim bomber, who blew himself up”

Activists pressure Greyhound to break federal law, keep immigration agents off buses

Greyhound affirmed in a statement that it cooperates with law enforcement agencies.

Fox News responds swiftly to disgruntled contributor quitting, suddenly trashing the network ‘for attention’

He now savaged President Trump, claiming that the DNC-financed Steele dossier “rings true.”

Unpopular NFL is about to get competition. Politics-free new league, with new rules coming after its fans

“People don’t want social and political issues coming into play when they are trying to be entertained,”

‘Good-guy’ saves kids in gun-free zone. Broward cop caught asleep on duty. Both have guns. Any questions?

The issue isn’t guns–it’s who’s holding them.

Laura Ingraham hits ‘swamp-dwellers’ hot over Trump’s Putin congrats, Rachel Maddow wants a piece

The MSNBC host described President Trump’s congratulations to Putin as sounding “like it was made up for a satirical movie.”

First openly gay NYC council speaker calls actress Cynthia Nixon ‘unqualified lesbian’ over governor bid

“Her being a lesbian and my being a lesbian” are not the issue.

Jim Jordan levels MSNBC host when segment gets hot: ‘I want to keep you focused on the facts’

“If the president feels so confidently, that he’s innocent and feels so confidently…”

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