NRA TV host has a tough response to teens ‘gun-control reality show’: ‘You want to save innocent lives?’

“But then, these kids would have to shrink from the spotlight and go back to their homework,”

One good thing in omnibus bill, and it has to do with the jailed doctor who helped us kill bin Laden

President Trump proclaimed that Pakistan would “no ” receive US help while giving “safe haven” to terrorists.

Joy Reid unpacks ‘whiz down the leg’ of his base narrative with a never-Trumper. How about asking his base?

‘Congrats to the Democrats … they obviously understand how to control him’

School bans dad from taking daughter to prom because of age rules

The event will be chaperoned by faculty.

Joe diGenova and wife not joining Trump legal team after all

A critical move as Trump is reportedly deciding on whether he will with Mueller for an interview.

Congress just changed Craigslist forever

Craigslist did not respond to TheDCNF’s request for further details in time of publication.

Barack Obama with preschoolers
Trump plans to cut Obama’s dangerous anti-discipline policy ‘turning our schools into war zones’

“These policies are highly dangerous,”

Anti-gun protesters lose all moral ground with hateful signs toward Catholics, Republicans, Trump

Protesters like those holding this sign have no moral ground to stand on.

Biden says he must look at himself in mirrors to decide if he wants to run against DT for president

Thomas Phippen, DCNF Former Vice President Joe Biden is still deciding whether or not he wants to challenge President Donald Trump in the 2020 elections, but he […]

Man runs after girlfriend in a hospital gown, jumps on moving car to keep her from looking at his phone

We just hope he wasn’t hurt.

Dana Loesch hits right back after ‘chauvinist’ Bill Maher makes up ‘idiotic story that never happened’

“Very forward-thinking and not at all misogynistic of you to not even ask the woman for comment before running with an idiotic story that never happened. Chauvinists.”

Brother of Parkland victim tells teen activist to stop using sister’s name: ‘She did not and would not support your agenda’

The media and the establishment are supporting a girl wearing a communist country flag on her arm to destroy the American Constitution.