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Man runs after girlfriend in a hospital gown, jumps on moving car to keep her from looking at his phone

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A patient in a Kansas City hospital ran out into a parking lot and leaped onto a moving vehicle to retrieve his cell phone, taken by his presumed girlfriend.

“Y’all see a girl go through here? She took my phone! F**k man,” the frantic guy shouted as he bolted through the lobby and out the door, according to raw video published by the DailyMail.

The expletive-filled panic attack was not all-together audible, but the main question when he caught up to  her in the parking lot was clear, “What are you doing going through my phone?”

The girl can be heard answering, ‘Don’t worry about it,” as she began to drive off.

Hospital gown aside, the poor dude jumped on the moving car.

It’s not clear whether he got the device back from the woman or if any charges were filed. We just hope he wasn’t hurt.


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