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Dana Loesch hits right back after ‘chauvinist’ Bill Maher makes up ‘idiotic story that never happened’

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Radio host Dana Loesch clapped back at comedian Bill Maher after he dissed her as a “show business wannabe” who hates Hollywood because her sitcom idea was rejected years ago.

“Sorry @Mediaite and @BillMaher, but I never pitched anything to some Weinstein-wannabe skeeze I don’t know,” Loesch tweeted. “Very forward-thinking and not at all misogynistic of you to not even ask the woman for comment before running with an idiotic story that never happened. Chauvinists.”

Loesch was responding to a segment Maher did where he said Republicans slam liberal Hollywood because they’re all secretly show-business wannabes who couldn’t cut it. Oh really? Donald Trump starred on the top-rated “Apprentice” for years. Same with Roseanne Barr, whose No. 1 TV show, “Roseanne” is returning with a reboot.

“Republicans have to stop pretending they hate it when celebrities give their political opinions,” Maher bellowed. “Please! You’re the party that made Reagan president. It’s not our fault that your celebrities are Ted Nugent, Pat Sajak, and Donald Trump. James Woods? His last credit was on a MasterCard bill. Scott Baio? The only thing he’s been in recently that made headlines… was his co-star.”

Maher then attacked Loesch:

“What you may not know about Dana Loesch is that before her job as NRA spokesmodel she was a show business wannabe. ‘NCIS’ producer Paul Gyot says that 10 years ago Dana pitched him a sitcom starring herself as ‘a hot young mom who does far-right radio show.’

And do you know what? If only they made that sitcom, today, she might be a completely normal person. Instead, we’re all getting the ‘clenched fist of truth’ because show business gave her the raised finger of f*ck off.”

Loesch denied the claims, saying she doesn’t even know who Paul Gyot is, so why would she pitch him a show idea?

“I’ve had an agent handle my business for years,” she tweeted. “Why would I cold-call some strange rando? Bizarre skeezeball trying to hitch his name to mine for press needs to take a hike. I’ve never had an interest in tv beyond what I do now.”

As it is, Loesch hosts her own radio show, is an author and a regular contributor to Fox News, the No. 1 cable news network for the past 20 years. She arguably gets more airtime than a weekly sitcom would give her. And many of her fans agree that Dana is certainly gorgeous enough to be a TV star.

Dana Loesch. (BPR screenshots)
Dana Loesch. (BPR screenshots)

Meanwhile, Maher suggested an “affirmative action” program to help Republicans succeed in show business. That way, they won’t be so mad at Hollywood.

“We need affirmative action for Republicans in show business,” he suggested. “They’re not good enough to make it on their own, but if we give them a leg up, maybe they won’t take their rejection out on the whole country.”

Wow, that’s the first time a liberal has admitted that affirmative action programs lower their standards to promote subpar candidates. Just ask faux minority Elizabeth Warren, who advanced her career by falsely claiming she’s Native American, and then refused to take a DNA test to back up her claims.

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