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Now this: Dem candidate for sheriff says he’ll take guns from Americans’ ‘cold, dead hands’

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Democrats are finally coming around to admitting how they really plan to implement gun control–and it confirms every Second Amendment supporter’s worst fears.

R. Daryl Fisher, a Democratic candidate for sheriff in Buncombe County, N.C., suggested to a group of gun control advocates that he’s willing to kill Americans to confiscate firearms, saying “OK!” to the notion of taking guns from their “cold, dead hands.”

Fisher made his remarks at an event organized by Moms Demand Action, an activist group calling for stricter firearm laws and that supported Saturday’s March for Our Lives gun control rally.

The sheriff candidate said he wants to “ban the sale of all high capacity magazines,” as well as “any mechanism that will allow a firearm to fire in rapid succession.”

R. Daryl Fisher. (Photo: Facebook).

“Any weapon that”s designed for use by the military I think we should ban, he added.”

Fisher then addressed opposition to gun control by Americans who believe in the US Constitution’s Second Amendment recognition of the “right to bear arms.”

(AP Photo/Mel Evans).

“You’ve heard people say ‘you’ll have to pry my gun from my cold, dead hands,'” the Democrat explained. He shrugged, and said “OK.”


The comment elicited an outburst of cheers and applause from his audience. After a brief pause, he laughed and said, “Uh, whenever you pass away we’ll come get it, I don’t know. I’m saying. Joking just a little bit there.”

(AP Photo/Jessica Hill, File).

The response to Fisher was severe on social media, where many users blasted the law enforcement officer for seeming to insinuate he would kill legal gun owners in order to confiscate their weapons.


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