Proud President Trump defends his use of social media as ‘modern day presidential’

“We will continue to WIN!”

SG Pussyhats
Move over vagina suits & pussy hats…laugh hysterically at rows of handmaids debuting today

A group of angry protesters are getting all the wrong kind of attention when they showed up in D.C. wearing some serious head-turning outfits. No, they weren’t […]

Acosta furiously argues with Spicer over camera-less presser: Cut the theatrics, ‘there are no cameras on, Jim’

To give you an idea on how that went, here’s was the first reply to Acosta over the hashtag:

Defensive Pelosi grovels for relevance in wake of election loss backlash, and Trump has her back!

Don’t force her out just yet!

Dramatic video sheds light on moment ‘mentally ill’ black woman was fatally shot by Seattle police

“She was the one making all these weird statements…”

‘Racial justice’ prof canned, labeled racist after student challenges her on impact of slavery

“This will be fun!”

Major advertisers and corporations form alliance, will combat ‘gender stereotypes’ going forward

Move over Marlboro Man and buxom beer guzzling babes bouncing along the beach – pretty soon we’re all going to be “equal.” In an effort to combat […]

screenshot seth rich murdered dnc leak hack clinton body count
Independent group of forensic specialists release explosive report on murder of Seth Rich

“Seth’s death does not appear to be a random homicide.”

Raw footage from bloody shootout at baseball field is captured on a bystander’s phone

Noah Nathan was walking his dog and stopped to take the video. 

Escape blue state misery! Booming new business helps conservatives relocate to red states

“Great school, great jobs, low crime. Those things don’t exist in the liberal bastions of California.”

‘Repulsed’ major sponsor pulls ads from Megyn Kelly’s NBC show, but that’s only the start of fiasco

Megyn Kelly has had a rough go in her new gig at NBC. The former Fox News host came under heavy criticism for her interview with Vladimir Putin. And […]

‘Political retribution’? Conservatives fire back as ‘Comey Day’ lights up Twitter

The highly anticipated Comey testimony started off with a bang. Right out of the gates former FBI Director James Comey fired shots at his old boss, President […]