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Maxine Waters won’t rule out starting an all-black political party, but she has some conditions …

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There’s no limit to the madness for ole’ Mad Maxine Waters.

In yet another effort to deepen the Democrat ploy of divide-and-conquer politics, Waters seriously mulled over the idea of an exclusively African-American political party.

Groups similar to this one, that support a black movement away from the destructive policies of Democrats, are growing and have the left running scared.

But, aren’t we ALL Americans, you ask? Not if a Democrat thinks division can win elections.

At first Waters danced around the subject when asked on “The Breakfast Club” if it was time for black people to form their own party.

“No, not at this point,” Waters said. “You have to show that you’re willing and you’re able to put the numbers together and exercise your influence.”

But she couldn’t leave it there, and immediately went into the reasons why forming an all-black political party could be a great idea.

“We still are not voting our influence yet,” she continued. “What we should do is organize our power, exercise our power, particularly in the Democratic Party because that’s where most of us are.”

Exactly, Maxine. The vast majority of African-Americans vote Democrat, even though strongholds like Chicago have proven that high taxes, rampant entitlements along with strict gun laws have failed the black community, bigtime.

Yet, Waters said she believes when the black community finally becomes a formidable force within the political world the possibility of a separate party might be a real and viable option.

“Then you can raise that kind of question–whether we are strong enough to talk about organizing another party,” Waters said.

But, what exactly is she saying? That the black vote isn’t “strong enough” for Democrats?

While the black community did not come out to support Hillary the way they supported former President Obama, and there seems to be a slow and steady trend of support for Trump, alienating the community from the Democrats seems like a great idea to Republicans.

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