Study blames global warming, not cell phones, for spike in car accident deaths

You can’t make this stuff up.

Pair of masked robbers with a pic axe get owned by unarmed store clerk who detains them for cops

Ahmed grabbed the weapon and, eventually, flung that attacker to the ground.

SG philly cop
Head of Philly police union calls Black Lives Matter mob threatening cops ‘a pack of rabid animals’

“These are not activists, they are racist hate groups determined to instigate violence.”

SG Delivery Driver
Chunky delivery driver chows down on customer’s food

No, it’s not politically correct, so if the video or irreverent comments offend you, now is a good time to stop reading.

SG Fight for 15
‘Fight-for-15’ wage movement has Labor Day plans that target GOP governors

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to name a liberal cause the union entity doesn’t back…. meaning they are about as political as one can get.

SG Diesel Angel
Foreign press features ‘Diesel Angels’: ‘Watching a grown man cry when you come save him makes it all worth it’

“Mega truck drivers dubbed ‘diesel angels’ as they help with the flood rescue in storm-hit Texas,”

Texas asks appeals court to allow enforcement of sanctuary cities law

The law precludes municipal jurisdictions like cities and counties from adopting measures that circumscribe immigration enforcement, and it allows police to inquire as to the immigration status of any detained individual.

Photo of armed ‘Proud Boys’ Harvey rescue team is too much for Antifa

Proud Boys are not racists, no matter how many times the left says we are.

george clooney donald trump Suburbicon venice
George Clooney props his new race-baiting film by linking it to Trump and his angry voters

Like other celebrity hypocrites, Clooney says one thing publicly but does another privately.

Liberal singer John Legend puts out casting call for old, white ‘out-of-shape’ Trump supporters

If liberals know anything, it’s how to shape the political narrative… even if it requires dictating the size of the preferred shape. John Legend has put out […]

Donald Trump’s pick to head NASA is causing big controversy – here’s why …

Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio says it could be “devastating.”

INSANE! HS teacher caught on video, makes students remove Trump shirt, says it’s ‘Neo-Nazi’ slogan

High school teacher calls Trump shirt a “swastika” and makes him take it off in class!