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Foreign press features ‘Diesel Angels’: ‘Watching a grown man cry when you come save him makes it all worth it’

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Monster trucks helping out in the flood-ravaged Houston area, a seen in a video titled, “Redneck Army saves National Guard,” have gotten plenty of attention.

…even across the pond.

Agence France Presse shared a video online of one such driver and his truck, “Old Habits,” proving that not everyone in France share the despicable views of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which mocked flood victims in Texas as drowning neo-Nazis throwing up Nazi salutes.

“Mega truck drivers dubbed ‘diesel angels’ as they help with the flood rescue in storm-hit Texas,” read the caption on the AFP tweet.

The good ol’ boy behind the wheel, Zub, told AFP that he does not accept offers of cash from those he has helped.

“The hugs and the kisses, and watching a grown man cry when you come save him … it’s all worth it,” he said.

But the folks at AFP are not the only one’s who love the big trucks pitching in, as seen from the responses on Twitter:




One social media user shared a hilarious, albeit mock take on how CNN might play the story, saving viewers the trouble of tuning in:

Tom Tillison


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