Pair of masked robbers with a pic axe get owned by unarmed store clerk who detains them for cops

A pair of would-be thieves got more than they bargained for when they attempted to rob a store in Calgary, Canada.

They charged into the store, masked and weapons in hand, and ran head on into a badass store clerk named Nisar Ahmed, who taught them a lesson, the National Post reported.

“They told me, ‘get down! Get down!” Ahmed told the National Post. “I said to him, anything he wants, he can take it.”

“But he pushed me, and then he started fighting me,” he said.

That was a mistake.

Image: Screenshot

Ahmed, undeterred by the ax and other weapons the pair carried, wrestled the mask off of one of the assailants and had him in a bear hug, when the other robber ran at him with, what appeared to be, a golf club.

“Maybe if I take off the mask, I think, maybe his face would be seen by my camera everywhere. So maybe he’s a little bit scared of the camera,” Ahmed told CTV.

Ahmed grabbed the weapon and, eventually, flung that attacker to the ground.

Done with wrestling the pair, Ahmed ran out of the store and barricaded the thieves inside as he waited for police to arrive.

Image: Screenshot

The pair was able to get out by breaking the glass door, but Ahmed wasn’t done.

He, and a witness, held one of the suspects until police arrived.

The police eventually apprehended both suspects, Arthur Bennie, 35, and Natalie Elashuk, 25, who now face various charges, according to the National Post.

The store’s owner, Asif Mohamed gave Ahmed some time off and a bonus.

“He’s a hero you know, because he caught the robber and didn’t get hurt. The most important thing is nothing happened to him,” Mohamed said.

“We say if a robber comes in, we say ‘take whatever you guys want here, take whole store, we don’t care’. Because I care about my employees,” he said.

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