NRA ad slamming the NY Times causes major freakout; CNN analyst reported it to Twitter as ‘hate speech’

The controversial video ad even led one CNN analyst to reportthe NRA to for “hate speech.”

Maxine Waters won’t rule out starting an all-black political party, but she has some conditions …

Oh, good!

SG Schumer-Pelosi
‘Stunning’ math! New political analysis shows Dems are doomed in 2018 and beyond

“There are lies, damn lies and statistics.”

Symphony Orchestra members freak out over conservative guest conductor; turns out he bites back!

“Mr. Prager has himself turned the controversy into a rallying cry for the right”

Guy books 6 dates in one night at the same bar … women don’t just get revenge, they make the news

These ladies smelled a rat, and weren’t afraid to make him pay — literally.

SG Belinda Carlisle
‘I’m lucky to be alive’: The Go-Go’s Belinda Carlisle, 59, opens up on 30 years of addiction and her rock bottom

After battling cocaine and alcohol addiction,Belinda Carlisle of the 80s girl group The Go-Go’s admits sheis ‘lucky’ to be alive. Carlisle acknowledged this week that beginning in […]

Your password could be all wrong! Man who wrote rules for password safety now regrets his advice

Wow. This is oddly engrossing.

SG Curvy
Husband’s love for his ‘curvy wife’ draws intense criticism as photo goes viral

In today’s hypersensitive word, what was meant to be a testament to quickly became a lightening rod for criticism. At the center of the controversy is […]

SG Pizza Robbery
Thugs film themselves robbing poor pizza guy in ‘the hood,’ but who got hurt the most?

All the while, there’s plenty of laughter, as the thugs are clearly entertained by their criminal antics.

BBC News anchor hailed a ‘hero’ for unbridled disdain of story on surfing dogs

A BBC News presenter’s reporting of a story on surfing dogs has gone viral for hisunenthusiastic ivery. It seemed like Simon McCoy could not muster the least […]

Rally to support Colin Kaepernick gets off to BAD start … also, spelling is hard for Spike Lee

Will it help him throw better? Undo his Castro shirt fiasco in Miami? No? Didn’t think so.

Surprise: The most defiant ‘sanctuary state’ in the US is NOT California

You have two choices, you either embrace the rule of law, or you embrace lawbreakers.”