Thugs film themselves robbing poor pizza guy in ‘the hood,’ but who got hurt the most?

A video capturing a pizza delivery guy being robbed of his pies is making the rounds online and shows just how cavalier thugs are in the hood when it comes to breaking the law.

The delivery driver is seen handing two pizzas to a man, who feigns like he’s going to get his money from his car. As he walks to a vehicle parked behind the driver, another thug bullies the driver away from his vehicle, which is then emptied of all remaining pies.

All the while, there’s plenty of laughter, as the thugs are clearly entertained by their criminal antics.

The comments accompanying the video are coarse, to be generous, but there were more than a few timely remarks.

“And this is why everyone should carry a gun,” one viewer commented. “Sh*t wouldn’t be funny anymore if they all got shot.”

Another said this is “why nobody delivers anything in the hood past 9 pm.”

The point being the criminal behavior hurts those who live in the community most, never mind that the robbery took place in broad daylight!

But one viewer took it even further: “Reckless behavior bring reckless results. Jail time. Now your record is messed up.”

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Tom Tillison


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