BBC News anchor hailed a ‘hero’ for unbridled disdain of story on surfing dogs

A BBC News presenter’s reporting of a story on surfing dogs has gone viral for his unenthusiastic delivery.

It seemed like Simon McCoy could not muster the least bit of interest in the segment focused on a dog surfing contest in California.

“Now, you’re watching BBC News, just bear in mind it is August,” McCoy began the report.

“This does not look like a walk in the park. Dog owners and their pets in California have hit the waves in the second annual World Dog Surfing Championships,” he said, sounding bored already.

“Here are the pictures.”

McCoy’s dry delivery of the story took on a life of its own as his apparent lack of interest in the subject became more entertaining than the news he was reporting.

Images: screengrab Twitter/Chris Gray)

Footage of surfing pooches played as McCoy’s voice deadpanned the narrative. An audible sigh could even be heard as he didn’t even try to conceal his disdain.

“The competitors’ challenge is to stay afloat on the board,” he said. “This is in Pacifica near San Francisco but there are also prizes for the best dressed and tandem surfing dogs; the winner of course being crowned top dog.”

The anchor, who reported from the front lines during the 2003 Iraq invasion, seemed to be silently questioning his career.

As the camera returned to a straight-faced McCoy, he offered a sarcastic conclusion to the segment.

“That’s a shame,” he said.  “We’ve run out of pictures.”

Fellow BBC journalist Chris Gray first posted the video, which has garnered over 17,000 likes and been re-tweeted over 9,000 times.

Glenn Beck declared McCoy was his hero in a tweet saluting the anchor, which McCoy then re-tweeted on his own account.

McCoy continued his hilarious tone in responses to other tweets like the one from his BBC colleague, Robert Rea.

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Frieda Powers


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