Immigrant couple buys street to charge rich Californians to park outside their own homes


Bakers refused to make Trump birthday cake for young ‘Pickle’…these are the rules?

But they have to bake the cake… “those are the rules progressives gave us.”

joe manchin donald trump i dont give a shit reelection
Dem Senator bucks party, risks re-election: ‘I don’t give a sh*t, you understand? I just don’t give a s–t’

“I’m not scared of an election, let’s put it that way.”

Sinead O’Connor sparks suicide concern with emotional video from the ‘arse end of New Jersey’

“If you reading this, please know it is possible for complete strangers to care about you.”

Grassley on Grassley: ‘This is what Chuck Grassley does’ – a little weird, no?


Someone leaks major climate study to NY Times fearing Trump would suppress it

TheNYT also noted the draft assessment found “it is possible to attribute some extreme weather to climate change,” despite the problems with using mo-based counterfactuals, especially on the regional level.

malia obama Lollapalooza dancing drugs
Malia Obama reportedly lost her iPhone while rolling at Lollapalooza, but that wasn’t the only loss

When Malia and her sister Sasha lived in the White House, the press left them alone because they were 10 and 7, respectively.

Ashley Judd records her attempt to get man fired for complimenting her … real women beg her to get a grip

“Prayers for the fella you needlessly tried to get in trouble.”

Between Mayor de Blasio’s workout routine and daily naps, it’s a wonder anything gets done

Does he do any work besides public appearances?

Visit to Trump’s White House causes very public rift in Rock & Roll band Journey, possible split

“And then on top of it the stories that have stemmed from their visit say JOURNEY was there. I don’t exist. I brought all these guys in.”