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Rally to support Colin Kaepernick gets off to BAD start … also, spelling is hard for Spike Lee

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Racial leftists are finally planning to stand up for unity.

No, not for the county but for Colin Kaepernick.

It seems the former NFL quarterback who rose to fame largely for opting to kneel while the national anthem was played before games can’t find a job.

A “United We Stand” rally in support of Kaepernick is scheduled to take place outside NFL headquarters in New York City on August 23rd.


An extensive survey found that anthem protests were a leading factor in the NFL’s overall ratings tank.  And while other decisions might be involved in the non-hiring of free agent Kaepernick, it’s safe to assume his sour attitude didn’t help his chances of finding a new professional home.

The fact that Kaepernick took his unpatriotic stance even further by spending Independence Day in a foreign country while bashing his own probably didn’t help his appeal.

Unless you’re Spike Lee. The famous Hollywood producer swooped in on Twitter to support the rally. It’s just too bad his announcement was overshadowed by a typo in  “Kapernick’s” name.


The whole thing looks to be a giant bust as the backlash came in strong, including of off Lee’s tweet:

Some folks say Kaepernick is to blame for his own demise and it has nothing to do with his political stance.

Kaepernick opted out of a $14.5 MILLION contract with the San Francisco 49ers, according to the Bleacher Report. The quarterback reportedly then met with the Seattle Seahawks who’s coach basically said: Thanks but no thanks.

And here we are:

This claim gave folks on Twitter a whole different reason to argue:

But that argument was lost underneath the torrent of backlash to the rally and Kaepernick’s problems:

Sometimes you don’t need words to make a point. Kaepernick didn’t, and neither did some of his detractors:

People are paying attention!

Of course, there are those who support Kaepernick’s protest – and certainly almost all support his right to his opinion and freedom of expression.

But those who oppose Kaepernick’s anti-patriotic views are also free to their own freedom of expression. And if that means they aren’t going to watch the games, well, those plummeting ratings are called consequences.


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