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‘Redneck Army saves National Guard’ video earns endless accolades, AND an Ann Coulter retweet

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Hundreds, if not thousands of videos covering the horrendous floods in southern Texas are taking over the internet.

Many of them heart wrenching, while many more are heartwarming and have given millions of Americans renewed hope for unity and peace.

But there are some that are just plain inspiring in a gritty-American sort of way.

The following viral video that claims the “Redneck Army is saving the National Guard” just happens to be one them:

The video hit the “feel goods” of endless social media users, including Ann Coulter who retweeted the inspirational footage.

Plenty more weighed in with their take and appreciation for America’s can-do spirit:

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And then there was this gem, that hit on a despicable Politico cartoon mocking patriotic flood victims:

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