Pregnant nurse smeared as ‘racist Karen’ strikes back with LITERAL receipts after battle over ‘stolen’ bike

Sarah Comrie, a six-month pregnant nurse, finished her 12-hour shift at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital and went to get on the Citi Bike she rented to […]

Hecht: Exposure is first step to bringing feds into line with the Constitution

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The federal bureaucracy has morphed into a fourth branch of government in violation of the Constitution. […]

RFK Jr zings Krystal Ball for ‘parroting’ a narrative in dust-up over vaccines

Liberal commentator Krystal Ball and Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. got into a bit of a back-and-forth on Thursday over vaccines, which is something that […]

University of Louisiana-Lafayette champion waterskier dies suddenly at 18, no cause stated

Another young athlete has died “suddenly,” continuing what many are seeing as a trend in post-Covid America even though health officials say there’s nothing to see here. […]

University to hand out A’s to students thanks to striking grad workers

University of Michigan departments will give students A’s after striking graduate workers failed to input final grades for the semester, Inside Higher Education reported. UM graduate students, […]

Ted Cruz demands answers from beer giant on Dylan Mulvaney ads he says targets teens

As if Anheuser-Busch didn’t already have enough problems over the Dylan Mulvaney dumpster fire, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is demanding answers from the alcoholic beverage manufacturer over […]

Megyn Kelly celebrates women fighting back as trans cyclist wonders why no one is at winner’s podium

Biological male and competitive gravel cyclist Lesley Mumford, 46, wants to know why no one was standing next to “her” at the winner’s podium after taking the […]

Another one bites the dust? Ford flames in ‘redefining tough’ commercial with LGTB-colored truck

Ford Motor Company has stepped in it over an ad that actually came out in Europe ten months ago featuring gay pride colors, just now hitting social […]

‘Pro-tip…don’t do this in Florida’: Punks think it’s funny to barge into random people’s homes

A highly disturbing new social media trend features “youths” videoing themselves as they boldly walk into random homes uninvited — a blatantly stupid idea that will get […]

Fox News’ Dagen McDowell unexpectedly slams Ron DeSantis before doing her homework

Fox News’s Dagen McDowell unexpectedly slammed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday for focusing on culture war issues like Disney instead of economic issues. Speaking on Fox […]

Smug school board tries to stop pastor from reading explicit book, stone cold CHILLS follow!

A North Carolina pastor has gone uber viral for exposing a school board in Asheville to the same pornographic material that students in the district have been […]

DeSantis reportedly tabs Trump as unelectable as battle of GOP titans heats up

With the buzz building that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is about to jump into the 2024 GOP primary field, it was reported that he sought to make […]