Homeless drug addicts have invaded high school bathrooms, left used needles, students say

Students from San Jose asked their school board Thursday to build a fence around the school and to address the homelessness problem, according to NBC Bay Area. […]

Massive pharma company exec: We want to ‘love the Communist party’

Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca’s China president and global executive vice president pledged that the company would be patriotic in China and “” the country’s ruling communist party, according […]

Publishing powerhouse, authors and parents sue Florida school district over removal of ‘woke’ books

A Florida county school district is being sued by the nation’s largest bo publisher, Penguin Random House, and PEN America, an organization that claims to “defend writers […]

Hospital worker agrees to play gunman for active shooter drill no one knew about, ends up cuffed, detained

Brandon Woodruff, 32, a hospital worker at a Detroit state-run psychiatric hospital for children, is suing after he was asked to play the role of a gunman […]

Kirk Cameron asks Elon Musk for a favor, and the Chief Twit comes through like a boss

Ask and ye shall receive. Actor Kirk Cameron made a direct appeal to Chief Twit Elon Musk to get back into his old account, saying he […]

Green activists pressure renewables industry to reject permitting reform that boosts ‘dangerous’ fossil fuels

Dozens of climate activist groups are pressuring the renewable energy industry to oppose permitting reform policies that would also support fossil fuel projects, in a letter obtained […]

Michelle Obama’s new juice brand for kids dealt an embarrassing blow by health experts

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s highly promoted juice brand Plezi is getting a thumbs down from experts who say it’s too sugary and fails health standards set […]

Tim Scott files to run for president

Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission Friday to run for president in 2024. Scott has been weighing a presidential run […]

Eye-rolling reaction of mother receiving Medal of Valor from Biden ‘says it all’

The reaction of a fallen police officer’s mother to President Biden, who had just awarded her the nation’s highest honor for bravery by a public safety officer, […]

Roseanne opens up about regrettable tweet and betrayal by co-star Sara Gilbert: ‘She stabbed me in the back!’

Legendary comedian and actress Roseanne Barr revealed this week to conservative commentator Megyn Kelly that fellow actress Sara Gilbert had backstabbed her. Recall that Barr was effectively […]

‘It’s disgusting’: Durham report reveals FBI shut down four Clinton investigations in 2016

The FBI shut down at least four criminal investigations into Bill and Hillary Clinton in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, according to Special […]

Dem gov signs law allowing taxpayer money to fund abortions through medicaid

Democratic Rhode Island Gov. Daniel McKee signed a bill on Thursday that allows taxpayer funding to be used to pay for abortion services for “pregnant people” working […]