Red state principal allegedly removed after transgender athlete discovered on sports team

A Florida high school allegedly removed several staff members, including its principal, after a transgender athlete was allowed on a female sports team, according to NBC6, a […]

Instagram’s algorithm recommends sexualized content to adult accounts following teen influencers: Report

Instagram’s algorithms suggested a myriad of sexualized content to adult users who primarily follow preteen and teen influencer accounts, according to an investigation by The Wall Street […]

Swing state judge dismisses ‘misleading’ bid to make abortion a constitutional right

A Nevada judge ruled against a “misleading” petition to enshrine abortion rights into the state constitution Wednesday, claiming that it violates the “single subject rule.” In October, […]

These states are gearing up for a school choice showdown in 2024

Several states are loing to propose legislation expanding education options next year, while others are facing lawsuits claiming school choice voucher programs are unconstitutional. While school choice […]

High school sues after being penalized for refusing to make girls basketball team compete against biological male

Mid-Vermont Christian School (MVCS) filed a lawsuit against state officials on Tuesday after they were forced out of the state’s athletic association for refusing to make their […]

‘I’m going to stab you’: Some trans americans mourned by White House died during alterations with law enforcement

The White House commemorated “Transgender Day of Remembrance” Mondayby mourning the loss of 26 transgender Americans who were killed this year, but failed to mention that several […]

Red state Supreme Court deals blow to Republicans in crucial abortion ballot case

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled against Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s request to change the language of a proposed abortion amendment’s language Monday, according to the St. […]

Over 75% of Democrats support abortion for any reason: Poll

Over 75% of Democratic voters support access to abortion for any reason, while bipartisan support is at the highest it’s been since the 1970s, according to a […]

Israel And Hamas agree to temporary ceasefire: Report

Israel and Hamas have agreed to a tentative ceasefire agreement that would allow for a five-day pause in exchange for hostages in Gaza, according to the Washington […]

Wall Street lines up to back Nikki Haley’s 2024 bid

Wall Street financiers are loing to Nikki Haley as the candidate to pull the 2024 Republican nomination away from former President Donald Trump, according to The Wall […]

Nikki Haley claims she would support six-week abortion ban as red state governor

Nikki Haley said Friday she would sign a six-week abortion ban in South Carolina if she was still governor, according to The Washington Post. Haley has walked […]

Public schools are literally paying for people to go bang on chronically absent students’ doors

Public school districts are resorting to paying door knockers to go to the homes of chronically absent students as schools struggle with filling the classroom, according […]

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