FBI’s Chris Wray warns Chinese hackers preparing to attack US infrastructure ‘to induce panic’

FBI Director Christopher Wray warned Thursday that a hacking group linked to the Chinese government is waiting for the right moment to “deal a devastating blow” to […]

Michigan district stands by teaching elementary kids they can make up pronouns like ‘tree,’ ‘zie’

Under the banner of “inclusivity,” a Michigan elementary school district is standing steadfast in pushing the madness of nonbinary gender pronouns, including phrases like “zie” and “tree.” […]

Crenshaw claims MTG wants GOP to lose House, she says they already have under Mike Johnson

U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) is struggling to process the “bullsh*t” of putting the protection of America’s border ahead of the funding of foreign wars. The former […]

Jesse Ventura claims he could beat both Biden and Trump

Having apparently put behind him the reality he pursued a lawsuit against the widow of an American hero in former Navy Seal Chris Kyle, who d two […]

Rep confronts Secretary with bag of parts: Air Force pays $90k for bag of parts that cost under 100 bucks

US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall was grilled over a bag of bushings Thursday on Capitol Hill and it didn’t go well for the Biden administration official. […]

INSIDER: MSNBC whines that Major League Baseball isn’t black enough

While you are not likely to ever hear discussion on MSNBC about a lack of white players in the NBA, the network seems concerned about there not […]

Trump holds court AFTER court, slams Biden’s alleged role in trial, risks being tossed in jail for contempt

The 12-person jury and one alternate were seated Thursday in the historic, first-ever criminal trial of a former U.S. president, courtesy of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg […]

Shuffling Biden orders one milkshake at Wawa in cringe ‘scripted’ PR stunt

If the 2024 presidential election unfolds anything like the Milkshake Wars, it could be a clear sign of President Donald Trump’s return to the political stage as […]

Joe Biden packs the house in hometown of Scranton – NOT!

President Biden visited his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday to call for higher taxes for the rich and “Working class Joe” really packed the house — […]

‘Deplorable’ moment profanity-spewing student slaps female teacher TWICE captured on video

Smartphones are allowing America to see the carnage in public school classrooms and help explain the urgency for many parents to seek school choice alternatives to protect […]

DHS confirms Laken Riley’s alleged murderer was paroled into US illegally

Republicans appear to be incapable of taking any action to alter the wide open southern border but they continue to call attention to the egregious exploitation of […]

Google workers arrested for occupying CEO’s office in anti-Israel protest

A number of left-wing Google employees were arrested on Tuesday for occupying company offices in New York City and Sunnyvale, California. The disgruntled employees were protesting Google’s […]

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