Scratched battery could lead to insurers scrapping whole EVs, challenging sustainability claims

As expected, the battery packs that drive electric vehicles continue to be a huge deterrent to ownership. The cost of replacing batteries costs tens of thousands of […]

Twitter lights up over clip of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host’s bizarre wrestling moment

Some “Wheel of Fortune” fans were left wondering if longtime host Pat Sajak has unfulfilled dreams of being a wrestler after Tuesday’s edition of the popular game […]

‘This is not about actual achievement’: Trans lawmaker among USA Today’s ‘Women of the Year’

Biological females continue to be devalued in today’s progressive society that refuses to define what a woman is, kicking open the door for a growing phenomenon — […]

Biden drops 2024 teasers, makes creepy joke about messing up women’s hair during medal ceremony

President Biden further solidified the liberal bona fides of rocker Bruce Springsteen and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Tuesday during the 2021 National Humanities Medal and National Medal […]

‘I think you’re a Democrat bro!’ Trump supporters confront suspected Antifa infiltrator at protest

In what amounts to shades of January 6, a suspected Antifa infiltrator was spotted in New York on Tuesday whipping Trump supporters into a frenzy. Protesters gathered […]

Lawyer in stiletto heels and mini gets in physical street brawl with fellow attorney over unleashed dog

Dueling attorneys in Brazil, one male and one female, made quite the impression on and it wasn’t because of a riveting court case. Instead, they were fighting […]

Kamala Harris sends congrats in letter to Dylan Mulvaney on 365 days of being a ‘girl’

Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t have the time or any answers to the wide open southern border, where well over 5 million illegal immigrants have poured into […]

CNN’s Van Jones urges Alvin Bragg to ‘step back from the brink’ on Trump Indictment

Any honest brer who los at the case Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Braggs is trying to bring against former President Donald Trump comes away with an uneasy […]

Matt Gaetz moves to cut funding for massive new FBI headquarters complex

Citing “malfeasance” at the FBI’s Washington Field Office, U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., announced an effort to halt spending on a new headquarters for the bureau. The […]

Al Franken dragged down memory over quip about Trump being ‘taken down’ by a porn star

Al Franken, the disgraced former Democratic senator from Minnesota who resigned in 2017 over sexual misconduct allegations, is guest-hosting “The Daily Show” this week and he wasted […]

Calif. homeowner voices sheer frustration after AirBnB guest turns into an entitled squatter

Deadbeats are getting better and better at manipulating laws to take advantage of property owners, who have to go through a jungle of red tape to remove […]

WaPo slams state as ‘Florida of the North’ for ‘targeting’ LGBTQ community

The agenda-driven media in America continues to act like political activists for the Democratic Party than journalists, with the latest example of this assertion being a […]

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