Biden serves up a whopper lie to Marines, repeating claim son Beau was killed in Iraq

President Biden repeated a whopper of a lie last week when he told US forces stationed in Japan that his son Beau was “lost” in the Iraq […]

Hillary throws Joe Biden under the bus: ‘His age is an issue’

Failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton admitted over the weekend that President Biden’s advanced age “is an issue” in the 2024 election, but then proved that maintaining […]

Jordan Neely’s uncle wants a pound of white flesh, says no plea deal for Daniel Penny

Christopher Neely, the uncle of Jordan Neely, the criminal vagrant who died after being placed in a che hold aboard a New York City subway, wants his […]

Florida GOP chair hilariously offers to help NAACP boss move after issuing state travel advisory

The NAACP’s latest political stunt in service to the Democratic Party was to target Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), but the organization didn’t put a lot of […]

Draft Tucker PAC ad compares him to Rush Limbaugh, but it pegs high on the scamometer

If ever there is to be a President Tucker Carlson, the nation will have Fox News to thank — or curse — for the development. While it’s […]

Rasmussen reports ‘mysterious collapse’ of Biden’s poll numbers in 11 days, but it’s no mystery

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers dropped 10 percent in 11 days, according to Rasmussen Reports, which characterized the fall as a “mysterious collapse.” The drop to place […]

Kirk Cameron asks Elon Musk for a favor, and the Chief Twit comes through like a boss

Ask and ye shall receive. Actor Kirk Cameron made a direct appeal to Chief Twit Elon Musk to get back into his old account, saying he […]

Eye-rolling reaction of mother receiving Medal of Valor from Biden ‘says it all’

The reaction of a fallen police officer’s mother to President Biden, who had just awarded her the nation’s highest honor for bravery by a public safety officer, […]

University of Louisiana-Lafayette champion waterskier dies suddenly at 18, no cause stated

Another young athlete has died “suddenly,” continuing what many are seeing as a trend in post-Covid America even though health officials say there’s nothing to see here. […]

‘Pro-tip…don’t do this in Florida’: Punks think it’s funny to barge into random people’s homes

A highly disturbing new social media trend features “youths” videoing themselves as they boldly walk into random homes uninvited — a blatantly stupid idea that will get […]

Ex-Biden suitcase thief Sam Brinton arrested ‘as fugitive from justice’

Sam Brinton, the former senior Department of Energy official who often dressed in women’s clothing, has been arrested for allegedly stealing luggage yet again. The ousted “nonbinary” […]

Confused in Japan: Befuddled Biden gets photo-op assist from handler Jill, calls PM ‘president’

President Joe Biden traveled to Japan on Thursday to meet with fellow G7 leaders in Hiroshima for a Friday summit. As is often the case with the […]