Major automaker expects it will hemorrhage billions from its electric vehicle business

Ford expects to lose $3 billion on its electric vehicle department this year, the company announced Thursday. The company will be reorganizing its financial reporting into three […]

Biden admin in talks to potentially bail out a third bank: Report

The U.S. government is considering backing a potential deal to rescue the struggling First Republic Bank, in a bid by U.S. officials and Wall Street executives to […]

Home prices fall for the first time in over a decade

Year-over-year home prices nudged down in February, breaking a nearly 11-year streak of consecutive price increases, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported Tuesday. Prices fell 0.2% […]

California could use ‘backdoor’ to kickstart the end of diesel trucks in the US, experts say

A set of proposed rules by the California state government could kickstart the end of new diesel-powered heavy-duty vehicles nationwide, thanks to a regulatory “backdoor,” experts told […]

Staggering price tag, logistical hurdles make Biden’s climate agenda a ‘fool’s errand,’ report says

It would cost nearly $50 trillion and require a massive shift in the makeup of the U.S. workforce for the economy to hit President Joe Biden’s goal […]

‘That’s a lie’: GOP senator presses Janet Yellen on plan to pay for Social Security

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana accused the Biden administration of lying about its commitment to working with Congress to protect seniors’ social security benefits at a […]

BlackRock CEO scales back emphasis on climate investing: ‘not … the environmental police’

CEO Larry Fink of investing titan BlackRock put reduced emphasis on climate and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals in an annual letter to the company’s […]

Biden admin announces first half of $1.5 billion in funding for ‘clean’ hydrogen

The Biden administration announced $750 million in funding for research, development and demonstration of “clean hydrogen” from renewable sources on Wednesday. The funding is the first phase […]

GOP legislation would bar ‘foreign bad actors’ from mining in US

House Republicans introduced legislation Friday that would forbid foreign companies with known human rights violations from leasing and operating mines on federal land, part of a broader […]

GOP energy package to limit rule ‘weaponized’ by blue states against fossil fuel projects

House Republicans introduced legislation Tuesday to limit the scope of regulations blue states have used to prevent natural gas pipes and other fossil fuel projects. The proposed […]

Biden blames climate change for burned out forests — but his admin caused one of the biggest wildfires in history

President Joe Biden blamed climate change and mother nature’s “wrath” for wildfires in the past two years in an interview with The Daily Show Monday, failing to […]

Biden admin set to overrule green interests, approve massive Alaska oil project: Report

The Biden administration will approve ConocoPhillips’ application to establish three drilling locations in Alaska, overruling environmentalists who had criticized the project, according to Bloomberg, citing sources familiar […]

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