Colleges move to arm officers in response to inner-city crime after previous calls to defund the police

George Washington University (GWU) and Portland StateUniversity (PSU) revised their policingpolicies to allow officers to carry firearms while on patrol, sources told the Daily Caller News Foundation. […]

‘Treated like a criminal’: Prof alleges college axed his contract, banned him from campus over conservative beliefs

A professor told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he was fired and banned from a small college in Texas because of complaints from students and colleagues […]

University revises language guide to remove ‘Bunnies,’ ‘Christmas Trees’ from list of offensive terms

Michigan State University (MSU) appears to have revised an inclusive language guide to remove words such as “bunnies,” “chicks” and “America” from its list of potentially offensive […]

Machete-wielding prof was arrested during BLM protests, founded anti-cop group

A former New York City professor who is currently under police investigation after holding a machete to a reporter’s neck was arrested during a 2020 protest and […]

‘Heartbreaking’: Mother speaks out after daughter loses track meet to male athlete, says parents are being silenced

A transgender athlete to second place during the 1600-meter race at the CIF-North Coast Section Meet of Champions in California on Saturday. The mother of one of […]

Students sue professor who allegedly forced class to buy subscription to group that donates to Planned Parenthood

Christian students filed a lawsuit against a former Michigan State University (MSU) professor who allegedly required her students to buy a subscription to her political organization that […]

‘Contradiction of Title IX’: Experts sound alarm over Biden effort to rewrite key civil rights law 

The Department of Education’s (DOE) latest proposals to rewrite Title IX, which prohibits sex-based discrimination, raises concern forwomen’s and due process rights,experts told the Daily Caller News […]

‘Human shields’: Former Trump advisor slams COVID-19-era lockdown policies for harming children

A former White House Coronavirus Task Force member sounded off about the consequences students faced as a result of nationwide shutdown policies during the COVID-19 pandemic during […]

University to hand out A’s to students thanks to striking grad workers

University of Michigan departments will give students A’s after striking graduate workers failed to input final grades for the semester, Inside Higher Education reported. UM graduate students, […]

Do conservative education experts see Florida as a blueprint for success?

Florida lawmakers have followed through on several education reformsintended to increase parent’s rights, transparency in the classroom and ensure curriculum is age appropriate for students. Experts praised […]

Dems block state bill requiring schools tell inquiring parents about students’ gender transitions

New Hampshire Democrats shot down a bill on Thursday that would have required schools to inform parents about their child’s gender identity, The Associated Press reported. Senate […]

Grand Jury indicts suspect accused of killing of four Idaho college students

A grand jury indicted Bryan Kohberger on Wednesday in connection with the murder of four University of Idaho students in November 2022, the Latah County District Court […]

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