Vivek Ramaswamy reveals why he’s confident Putin would accept his massive demand for ending Ukraine war

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy explained why he was confident he could get Russia to accept an end to the Ukraine War and end its partnership with […]

‘Absolutely necessary’: Jordan Peterson reveals ‘plan’ to expose court-ordered media sensitivity training

A prominent Canadian psychologist revealed he plans to expose sensitivity training a court ordered him to undergo. A Canadian court upheld a ruling by the College of […]

‘Grandest wager’: China expert says Biden’s soft stance has been tried before, only made country more hostile To US

President Joe Biden’s policy towards China has only made that country hostile when it was tried in the past, an expert told Fox News host Laura […]

‘Physical and cognitive decline’: Laura Ingraham says Mitch McConnell is ‘no longer capable of working full time’

Fox News host Laura Ingraham ripped Republican senators for being “irresponsible,” saying Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was “no longer capable of working full-time.” McConnell, the […]

‘Man-made disaster’: Byron Donalds blames ‘Green New Deal stuff’ for Maui wildfire

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds blamed “green new deal stuff” for the devastating wildfire in Maui, saying an electric company ignored “the basic things.” Maui County filed a […]

Biden asserted executive privilege to block release of hundreds of emails involving Hunter’s business and VP’s office

The White House cited executive privilege in withholding hundreds of es relating to Hunter Biden’s business dealings and then-Vice President Joe Biden requested by America First Legal […]

Missouri Republican launches bid to enshrine abortion exceptions in state constitution

A former GOP political operative filed six petitions on Wednesday to create exceptions to Missouri’s abortion law, the Missouri Independent reported. Jamie Corley, who worked for three […]

Joe Manchin asks donors to pump $100 million into his daughter’s dark money group: Report

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is courting donors for a new nonprofit founded by his daughter, Heather, in an estimated $100 million effort to promote moderate […]

Biden DOJ, SEC open investigation into Elon Musk’s Tesla: Report

Federal prosecutors are examining Tesla’s allocation of funds towards a secret project that may be a house for CEO Elon Musk, individuals familiar with the situation told […]

Tucker Carlson predicts ‘hot war’ with Russia to defeat Trump in election

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson predicted that a “hot war” with Russia would be used by opponents of former President Donald Trump to beat him in […]

Army under fire for missing deadline on mental health care access after another cluster of suicides

The Army is under fire for aying implementation of a policy meant to facilitate access to mental health care for soldiers at risk of suicide after another […]

Tucker Carlson says Trump’s opponents are ‘speeding toward assassination’

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned that opponents of former President Donald Trump could be “speeding towards assassination” during a Wednesday podcast interview. Trump turned himself […]

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