Supreme Court grants review for free speech case involving ‘Trump too small’ trademark

The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to hear a free speech case involving a trademark that harkens back to a crude je Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio […]

Biden DOJ won’t charge Mike Pence over classified docs

The Department of Justice (DOJ) decd to charge former Vice President Mike Pence for classified documents found at his home, according to a DOJ letter obtained by […]

Obama-appointed federal judge who has criticized DeSantis recuses himself from Disney case

A federal judge known for ruling against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recused himself Thursday from Disney’s lawsuit against the governor, according to a court filing. Chief U.S. […]

Blue state slapped with lawsuit over ban on speech near abortion clinics: ‘viewpoint discrimination’

A pro-life advocate is challenging a Colorado law that restricts speech outside of abortion centers — along with the Supreme Court’s 2000 decision upholding the law. Wendy […]

Hunter Biden’s lawyers use landmark gun ruling — That Joe Biden criticized — To try to stay out of the courtroom

A landmark Second Amendment Supreme Court ruling that President Joe Biden called “an affront to common sense and the Constitution” has become an element in his son’s […]

‘Surveillance state’: Federal judge slams decision to uphold university’s bias reporting policy in dissent

Virginia Tech’s bias response and literature distribution policies have “somehow managed to offend virtually every cardinal principle of First Amendment law,” a federal judge wrote Wednesday in […]

Small business owner sues over grant program open to everyone except straight white men

A former police officer filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday challenging a Massachusetts COVID-19 relief program that restricts funding to business owners of specific races, sexes and sexual […]

The U.S. gave Chinese scientists thousands during COVID for ethics training, addressing ‘research misconduct’

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) shelled out thousands of dollars for anethics training project for Chinese scientists during the COVID-19 pandemic to address “research misconduct” and […]

Biden DOJ sues Republican gov’s son

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Wednesday that it filed a lawsuit against Republican West Virginia Gov. and Sen. candidate Jim Justice’s son, along with 13 […]

NYC law school hosts commencement speaker who called the law ‘white supremacy,’ advocated ‘revolution’

The City University of New York (CUNY) Law School released a video Thursday of its May 12 commencement speaker who called the law “a manifestation of white […]

Federal court slaps down claim that Arkansas congressional maps were racially gerrymandered

A federal court dismissed a lawsuit Thursday alleging that Arkansas’ 2021 U.S. House map diluted the influence of black voters by moving thousands out of the Second […]

‘MAGA Supreme Court’: SCOTUS water ruling sparks outrage from Democrats, despite liberal justices concurring

Democrats slammed the Supreme Court Thursday as “MAGA” and “extremist” for a ruling that rolled back the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) authority to regulate under the Clean […]

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