Biden to redeploy ground troops to Somalia, undoing Trump’s effort to end ‘forever wars’

President Joe Biden is reportedly preparing to send military forces to Somalia again, in a reversal of former President Trump’s withdrawal toward the end of his four-year […]

NBA star shares uplifting reason for lone stand in face of league-wide BLM protest

(Video: Fox News) Jonathan Isaac is literally and literature-ly a stand-up guy. The National Basketball Association power forward, who made national headlines when he decided against kneeling […]

Clarence Thomas’ uproarious message to media on when he’ll ‘leave the court’ sure to leave a mark

(Video: C-SPAN) There are limitations to what a sitting Supreme Court justice can get away with saying without creating conflicts that could lead to recusals, and Justice […]

GOP rep says she saw ‘multiple stocked warehouses’ of baby formula on border, says Buttigieg told a ‘lie’

(Video Credit: Fox Business) Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) told Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” on Monday that she had visited the border after agents sent her […]

Wa-Po’s Eugene Robinson says Buffalo gunman had ‘back up’ in killing 10, names 3rd-ranked GOP leader

(Video: MSNBC) As faithful acolytes of the Democratic establishment, corporate media pundits and those that aspire to such low places have made their coordination abundantly clear this […]

Hilton: Dems ‘politicize’ Buffalo shooting to ‘smear’ GOP as racists, link them to white supremacists

(Video: Fox News) Fox News host Steve Hilton lambasted the mainstream media and Democrats for using the Buffalo mass shooting to connect Republicans with racist white supremacists […]

Libs try to link Buffalo shooting to Kyle Rittenhouse, but overlook one MAJOR difference

Leftists lined up after 18-year-old Payton Gendron went on an alleged shooting spree at a Buffalo, New York supermarket where he gunned down ten innocent people, predictably […]

CNN’s S.E. Cupp blames right for Buffalo shooting, gets destroyed for duplicity, selective indignation

Social media is calling out CNN commentator S.E. Cupp for spreading misinformation and engaging in hypocrisy in a social media message about the horrific mass shooting in […]

Liz Cheney rips House GOP leadership after Buffalo shooting, claims they enable ‘white nationalism’

With admirable predictability, Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming immediately criticized House Republican leadership in the wake of the deadly mass shooting in Buffalo that left 10 people […]

Ketanji Brown Jackson comments on Supreme Court leak, but mum on Roe and protests at justices’ homes

While Supreme Court watchers waited to see if a decision on Roe v. Wade would be included with Monday’s release of opinions, newly minted Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson expressed […]

After 30+ years, McDonalds cites Ukraine war to say doing business in Russia ‘no longer tenable’

The impact of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has stretched beyond the devastating toll to the citizenry and the global disruption of supply chains to […]

Biden, CDC asked to track fentanyl fatalities much like COVID-19 deaths

An organization dedicated to raising awareness about the lethal effects of fentanyl is urging the Biden administration to track deaths related to the synthetic opioid, giving attention […]

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