Controversial former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey leaves board amid looming Musk takeover

It’s the end of an era at . Former CEO Jack Dorsey is officially no longer part of the board of directors of the social media […]

John Stossel: Expect more flight delays and thank the US government for impending pilot shortage

A pilot shortage is causing frequent ays in air travel than normal and, as the summer vacation season approaches, the problem will likely get worse. The […]

Dem strategist: ‘Republicans want to force you to have kids so they have something to shoot at’

users are angry and voicing strong opposition to a Democratic strategist who is boldly claiming that Republicans dislike abortion because they want parents to have something […]

Philadelphia to require students and school staff to start wearing masks again despite high vax rates

Teachers and students in the school district of Philaphia will have to get used to wearing masks once again. The City of Philaphia’s school district has made […]

69-yr-old Florida woman says she warned home invader to ‘back off dude’, but he didn’t. Now, he’s dead.

A 69-year-old-woman in Florida remembers telling a home invader to “back off” before shooting him dead, she says, as she recalled the day of the alleged invasion. […]

Gutfeld dishes on life in crime-ridden NYC: It’s worse than the 70s, violence is random and brutal

(Video: Fox News) Fox News host Greg Gutfeld lamented the current climate in what was “the greatest city on earth,” reacting to New York City’s surging crime […]

‘Let Biden be Biden’: Larry Kudlow goes rogue to ‘agree’ with Biden’s ‘logic’ on China/Taiwan remarks

(Video: Fox Business) Fox News host Larry Kudlow was in rare form on Monday when ivering praise for a remark President Joe Biden made about defending Taiwan […]

Florida teacher who married another woman quits, but attempt to blame DeSantis flames out

A Florida teacher has announced her very early retirement, blaming Governor Ron DeSantis’ new law that limits sexually-orientated education in the youngest classrooms… even though she teaches […]

Biden steps in it again, walks back concern about monkeypox; says it’s not comparable to Covid-19

President Joe Biden was evidently premature when he said the recent monkeypox outbreak was something “to be concerned about.” On Monday, Biden clarified that people are justified […]

Seems ‘pretty totalitarian’: Dozens of senior WH staffers reportedly saddled with student loan debt

More than two dozen senior Biden officials are struggling with student loan debt currently, prompting questions about whether the White House education loan forgiveness proposal is personal […]

Durham prosecution argues FBI was used as ‘political tool’ to create ‘October surprise’ against Trump

On the opening day of Michael Sussmann’s trial, the prosecution alleged the former Clinton campaign lawyer used FBI connections against Donald Trump, creating an “October surprise” for […]

Obama-appointed judge allows 3 jurors who donated to Hillary, AOC in Clinton campaign lawyer trial

A judge in the Russia-related trial against a former Hillary Clinton lawyer is raising eyebrows by allowing donors to prominent Democrat officials to remain in the jury […]