Trump dumps more on ‘The Squad’: I don’t believe they’re ‘capable of loving our Country’

Chris White, DCNF President Donald Trump said Sunday he doesn’t believe congresswomen in the “Squad” are capable of being patriotic Americans, adding that they are “destroying” the […]

Liz Cheney makes quick work of dominating race-obsessed host in intense exchange

House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., appeared Sunday on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” and got into an intense exchange with anchor Margaret Brennan, who doggedly tried to […]

Bernie Sanders campaign drowns in irony, says it will cut hours to pay staffers $15 minimum wage

Once a bum, always a bum? Lifelong bum turned U.S. senator turned 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been preaching nonstop for years about how every […]

ABC journalist is devoured by ‘peers’ after thanking Trump for ‘access’: ‘This is Stockholm Syndrome’

The moment a mainstream media journalist took a second to say something kind to President Donald Trump for a change — versus incessantly trying to smear him […]

Trump starts planning big cuts for his second term

With a robust economy and relatively calm foreign policy waters, President Donald Trump’s critics have little to hit him on when it comes to policy initiatives, outside […]

CNN asks ‘are you an immigrant’ inconvenienced by our laws? Pro-Trump immigrants flood responses

In response to the trash-talking tweets President Donald Trump posted last weekend about the “squad” of radical freshman Democrats, CNN asked its social media followers to contact the […]

Nadler overblows big day of Mueller; promises high crimes and misdemeanors will magically appear

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., could not have been more clear about his lack of interest in whether the FBI did anything inappropriate in launching an investigation […]

Odd couple: Ted Cruz and AOC flirt with partnering up on some things

Is the Ted Cruz who stepped into office in 2013 with the backing of the Tea Party the same Sen. Ted Cruz who’s now making overtures to […]

Omar and Trump’s tweets intensify: He wants ‘every black/brown person deported and Muslims banned’

Early Sunday morning, the left-wing media went into hysterical overdrive again after President Donald Trump tweeted his belief that the infamous “squad” of radical Democrat women are incapable […]

Canadian police accidentally have cat filter set while live-streaming presser on double homicide

Ah, those crazy Cannucks. While streaming a press conference on a very serious matter, a double homicide, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police inadvertently included a “cat filter,” […]

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Don Jr. fires kill-shot, with photo, after jabs with Avenatti: ‘Really enjoyed meeting your ex-wife at my speech’

If Twitter is good for one thing it is that it allows for entertaining, high-profile flame wars between adversaries such as Donald Trump Jr. and disgraced attorney […]

2016 video of out-of-control Rashida Tlaib being dragged out of an event screaming makes new rounds

Anti-Semitic Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib calls President Donald Trump unfit for office every chance she gets, but we’ve never seen him get dragged out of a public […]