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Nadler overblows big day of Mueller; promises high crimes and misdemeanors will magically appear

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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., could not have been more clear about his lack of interest in whether the FBI did anything inappropriate in launching an investigation into the Trump campaign.

The curmudgeon lawmaker dismissed any concerns about the unverified Russian dossier bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and the granting of FISA warrants to begin surveillance on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Nadler told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace those concerns have already been investigated and found to be “baseless.”

“It’s been very clear  that the Trump investigation was not predicated on the so-called dossier they are talking about,” said Nadler. “There was nothing wrong with the FISA application, all the things that they’re talking about have been gone through.”

Wallace pushed back to say that the Justice Department Inspector General’s report on the Trump collusion investigation and potential abuse of the FISA system has yet to be released.


But Nadler insisted that Republicans would be wasting their time by asking former special counsel Robert Mueller about these matters.

With Mueller set to appear before both the House Intelligence and House Judiciary Committees on Wednesday, July 24, host Chis Wallace had asked chairman whether Republicans stand to gain here.

“If they want to debate or discuss this irrelevancy, let them waste their time. What’s before the American people now is the conduct of this president,” Nadler said.

While the rest of the country has moved on, Democrats in the House are still pushing the Russian collusion narrative and insisting that Trump obstructed justice — there are no less that five Democrat-led committees engaged in a witch hunt to impeach Trump.

Wallace noted that Mueller has already said that his report was his testimony and that he would not go beyond what was in it if called before Congress, asking, “Why are you putting Mueller and the country through this?”

“Well, we want the American people to hear directly from special counsel Muller,” the lawmaker answered, claiming President Trump, Attorney General William Barr and others “have spent the last few months systematically lying to the American people about what the investigation found.”


Never mind that the entire Mueller report, minus a select few redacted passages, has already been released to the public.

Nadler and his Democratic cohorts continue to push the guise that this partisan effort is on behalf of the “American people.”

Wallace also asked Nadler, who said Trump “violated the law six ways from Sunday,” if he believes the president has reached the high mark for impeachment and he said that he does.


“I think there is very substantial — well, the report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to present, or let Mueller present those facts to the American people and see where we go from there,” he replied.

Except that Mueller has already done so in releasing his final report. And much like Democrats still haven’t come to terms with the outcome of the 2016 election, they are also struggling to accept that Mueller failed to deliver the goods on Trump.

Either way, it’s clear they intend to drag this out until the November 2020 election.

Tom Tillison


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