CNN’s Cupp says Republicans will be punished for supporting Trump: ‘History will not be kind’

CNN’s Trump-hating opinion host S.E. Cupp — one of the left-wing media’s many RINOs (Republican in Name Only) — says ALL Republicans are to blame for President Trump’s “racist” […]

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One tweet from Trump ‘punched a hole in the reality of philanthropy,’ changed veteran’s life, CEO says

With a simple response to a tweet from Pulte Capital CEO Bill Pulte, earlier this month, President Trump is credited with inspiring donations totaling $30,000 for a […]

Judge Jeanine sums up ‘dangerous’ squad: ‘We are close to losing this country’

Leave it to Jeanine Pirro to properly sum up the four radical freshman lawmakers who are now the face of the Democratic Party, as seen in the […]

What the modern Democratic Party stands for in 20 quotes from the Trump era

OPINION: BY JOHN HAWKINS The Democratic Party that my grandfather belonged to no longer exists in any meaningful sense. Today, the Democratic Party is run, financed and driven […]

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Lara Trump hits back after Anderson Cooper calls her a liar

Lara Trump is not taking CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s false accusations sitting down. She tweeted out a response on Saturday, without naming Cooper, that he “is obviously […]

Black lawmaker claims guy told her ‘go back where you came from’ in store line. He says it’s big hoax and he’s a life-long Dem.

Georgia state Rep. Erica Thomas dominated much of the news cycle Saturday after the African-American lawmaker said she was confronted by a white man who told her […]

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Horde of violent migrants storm Texas bridge punching, kicking and rushing border patrol officers

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents were punched and kicked by a violent horde of 50 illegal immigrants who tried to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border in […]

AOC wants to create ‘9/11-style commission’ to investigate ‘Trump’s’ border policy

The Democrat Party’s most outspoken radical, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has compared President Donald Trump’s widely accepted immigration policies (see poll results below) to the Sept. 11 terror […]