Watch how fast the anti-free speech light bulb pops on in Keith Ellison’s head when talking Trump’s tweets

He CAN’T be serious. Can he?

Out of control! Belligerent couple berates fellow passengers on plane when they’re not let off first

These ugly plane incidents are becoming the new norm. Where will it end?

Model Kate Upton brings the red, white and blue in HOT patriotic cover for Independence Day

“Make America Kate Again”

‘Black people have met their match:’ Cop suspended when ‘spoof’ video catches on

“He will undergo significant sensitivity and unconscious bias training.”

Scarborough, Clinton, libs… Mark Levin takes them ALL on in epic rant against morally bankrupt media

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Close call! Watch President Trump handle reporters who nearly knocked over Oval Office lamp

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CNN’s Blitzer pulls out old campaign ad to take a cheap shot at Trump, smacks Hillary instead

“What happened?”

‘I’m just speaking for Jesus’: Joy Behar’s obnoxious lecture for Christian baker takes elitism to new heights

Behar now fancies herself an expert theologian.

Leaked audio catches President Trump go off on the ‘phonies’ at CNN, even floats a lawsuit

“Wouldn’t that be fun?”

San Francisco to pay illegal alien whopping $190k because city officials, feds dared to do their jobs

“I could hear my daughter screaming outside the van.”

To Hell with political correctness — time for a national ‘speak English’ initiative?

The importance of English literacy cannot be overstated.

‘Stupid as s**t’: New undercover video catches CNN producer slamming American voters

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