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CNN’s Blitzer pulls out old campaign ad to take a cheap shot at Trump, smacks Hillary instead

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CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer reached back into the vaults to re-air a Hillary Clinton campaign ad attacking President Trump as a sexual predator.

Apparently for lack of any other news to focus on, Blitzer returned to the topic of Trump’s tweets, specifically his Thursday morning Twitter feud with MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

Blitzer was speaking with former Clinton campaign chair John Podesta on Thursday when he referred to Trump’s tweet about Brzezinski’s bleeding face following a facelift.

“During the campaign,” Blitzer said to Podesta, “he said all sorts of strange things, tweeted all sorts of strange things. As you well know, there was that Access Hollywood video that came out right near the end. You guys put out an ad, a commercial going after him on all those statements.”

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“Let me play a bit of that,” he said, taking up the next 25 seconds of airtime with the video that compiled quotes from and about Trump, portraying him as sexist and demeaning women.

After highlighting Trump in such a biased and bad light he turned and looked at Podesta to bluntly remind him that they still lost.

“That clearly was not enough for you guys to win,” Blitzer said after the video, “What happened?”


“Well look, we said that he was temperamentally unfit and unqualified to be president and he spends each and every day of his presidency proving that we were right,” Podesta responded.

Way to evade the question.

The segment was bust all the way around for Blitzer, and Twitter users were not impressed with his antics or his guest.

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