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Out of control! Belligerent couple berates fellow passengers on plane when they’re not let off first

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Passengers on a Colorado Spirit Airlines flight had an epic tantrum and it was caught on video.

In the video, shot in May, a woman and man were seen going insane on passengers and crew as they demanded to be let off the plane before everyone else.

“I want to get off – I just wanna go! Dammit!” the female passenger said. “I didn’t check anything, let me off.”

As she became more angered and belligerent, her male companion began to bang on the cockpit door.

“I need you to sit down right now. Sit down sir!” a crew member told the man.

“Are you gonna shoot me?” the man fired back.

According to the person who took the video of the incident, the pair were angry because they weren’t allowed to be the first people off the plane.

The pair became angrier the longer they were not accommodated. At one point the woman had one of the crew members give her a pinkie swear that he would help them.

The flight was scheduled to go from Colorado to Dallas.

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