‘I’m going to be a terrorist.’ London attacker reportedly told European authorities EXACTLY who he was

It was brushed aside.

Clay Higgins AP
‘Kill them all’: GOP Rep reaches tipping point, says for sake of ‘Christendom’ must fight ‘Islamic horror’

“Not one penny of American treasure should be granted to any nation who harbors these heathen animals.”

Afghan illegal alien who faked passport screams ‘I’ll kill all Germans!’ So, court releases him anyway

They don’t want to be mean.

Concert to protest border wall FLOPS when patriotic Americans show up and make some noise of their own

A group of dedicated Americans threw a giant wet blanket on a protest against the planned Southern U.S. border wall. The Dresdner Sinfoniker orchestra from Germany had planned to […]

Milo’s new self-published version of ‘Dangerous’ crushes Chelsea Clinton’s book on way to #1

Yiannopoulos’ book originally left Amazon in February after Simon & Schuster dropped it and refunded all preorders.

subway screenshot
Panicked commuters reportedly ‘disrobe’ and ‘beg to get off’ NYC subway stuck in sweltering heat

“Hell on the F-Train.”

philly screenshot
Philly cops look for teens who sucker punch disabled man, laugh, and then go back for seconds


‘Let us in!’ Dem rep moves town hall mid-meeting with armed guards, still can’t shake vocal Trump supporters

You can run, but you can’t hide.

Life on campaign trail through small-town America sparks idea for new Trump enterprise

“I think more companies could do better by being a little bit more patriotic.”

Sears Co. in hot water when shoppers discover blatant anti-Israel t-shirts for sale on its website

“This is deeply disturbing.”

New Jersey screenshot
Hotheaded councilman screams sexual profanities at GOP employee! ‘You wish you were being f—ed by me’

Staying on the theme, he told Enderly she didn’t “have to worry about me penetrating you at all …”

‘Sorry, Megyn, you’re not the new Barbara Walters’: Libs make Kelly pay for ’12 years’ at Fox

She’s just a “pretty, race-baiting puppet who Roger Ailes kept trying…”