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Hotheaded councilman screams sexual profanities at GOP employee! ‘You wish you were being f—ed by me’

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All this commotion over campaign signs?

Proving that more often than not, Republicans are their own worst enemies, a Wayne, New Jersey, councilman has been hit with a harassment complaint after a profanity-laced tirade directed at a fellow party member.

Passaic County Regular Republican Organization employee Susan Enderly filed the complaint against Councilman Richard Jasterzbski after a heated argument Sunday about campaign signs being removed from the PCRRO headquarters, according to The Record.

Unfortunately for Jasterzbski, the exchange was captured on video… by the woman’s daughter, who was standing right there!

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“You would be so lucky if I were f—ing you, because you know what, that would never happen,” the councilman is heard saying.

“You wish you were being f—ed by me, but you’ll never get that,” Jasterzbski repeated.

Staying on the theme, he told Enderly she didn’t “have to worry about me penetrating you at all” as he began to walk away, before turning back to say that she was helping corrupt the political process.

“I want it fair and square,” she replied.

“You wanted fair and square and you should have been satisfied with that, but you stood there and you let them corrupt the system of political process.”

Tom Tillison


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