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Concert to protest border wall FLOPS when patriotic Americans show up and make some noise of their own

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A group of dedicated Americans threw a giant wet blanket on a protest against the planned Southern U.S. border wall.

The Dresdner Sinfoniker orchestra from Germany had planned to play a concert on both sides of the border in order to drum up awareness of President Trump’s wall, the DW reported.

The music group is from the East German town of Dresden that was once part of the Communist German Democratic Republic. The group reportedly promotes its Socialist ideology as it plays in Europe and now, Mexico.

Their crowdfunding operation was stopped, however, on the U.S. side when authorities cited security and environmental concerns and wouldn’t grant the group a permit to play. The concert-protest ended up being held only on the Mexican side with a few hundred in attendance on June 3.

Markus Rindt, the orchestra’s music director criticized the decision and encouraged like-minded protesters to organize their own event and flash mobs while his group played just over the border in Mexico.

Only it didn’t work out exactly the way the Marxist orchestra leader had wanted.

While it’s not surprising the free concert in Tijuana managed to drum up some spectators, they seemed more infatuated with the group of patriotic Americans that showed up to make some noise of their own.

Folks on the Mexican side seemed more infatuated with the Trump supporters than the free concert.

Video shows the Trump-supporters playing loud patriotic music across the border from the U.S. side. About 8-10 Americans reportedly walked 3 miles both ways to reach the site due to flooded roads. Once there, they waved American flags, held signs and blasted sirens.

At one point, a recording of Trump reading the lyrics to the song, “The Snake” is played. Trump famously read the lyrics of the cautionary tale as a metaphor to highlight the dangers of open borders. Albeit the group of Trump supporters was small, they were effective as it was impossible to ignore the loud, patriotic recordings while the orchestra played.

Meanwhile, Germany and Europe have been plagued with skyrocketing crime and terror attacks after letting in hordes of unvetted refugees from terror states. The Prime Minster of Poland recently criticized its neighbors with a dire warning, “Where are you headed, Europe? Rise from your knees and from you lethargy, or you will be crying over you children every day.”


Watch the video of the protest bust below:


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