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Afghan illegal alien who faked passport screams ‘I’ll kill all Germans!’ So, court releases him anyway

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A court in Germany has freed an Afghan illegal alien who vowed to “kill Germans” during a violent confrontation with police.

The 20 year-old illegal alien hurled his threat at German police as he was joined by hundreds of violent left-wing extremists as he resisted efforts at deportation last week, according to CNS News.


“In a month, I’ll be here again and I’ll kill Germans,” he yelled as police tried to take him into custody.

According to the German newspaper Die Welt:

“[T]he Afghan threatened an attack after his arrest in the event of his deportation. The confirmed police officer Michael Petzold of the WELT: The man said, “In a month, I’ll be here again, and I’ll kill Germans.”

“Minister of the Interior (Joachim) Herrmann responsible for the escalation of the situation the left-wing autonomous scene: “According to the reports to me, people from the left-wing extremist-autonomous scene targeted the police,” Herrmann said on Thursday. First of all, the operation was completely peaceful. “The situation has escalated only when the left-wing chaos were intermingling among the students and bombarding the police, among other things, with bicycles and bottles.”

The “aggressive mob” injured 10 policeman and assaulted a government employee, according to Herrmann.

The Afghan illegal alien was charged with committing passport fraud, as Die Welt reported.

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“It thus became clear that the man had deceived the authorities in the passport for years. ‘This is a criminal offense,’” underlined President Bauer. “According to the law of foreigners, the man is thus a criminal.”

But a German court later ordered the Afghan be released from custody. Though he has a scheduled court appearance on June 30, his release ahead of the deportation reportedly “horrified” Herrmann.

Below is video of the clash between left-wing extremists and police when they came to arrest the illegal alien.

[wpvideo K5JdKDIS]

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