Sears Co. in hot water when shoppers discover blatant anti-Israel t-shirts for sale on its website

Sears has drawn outrage on social media after it started selling anti-Israel tshirts online.

The retail giant released a series of shirts that read “Free Palestine,” some of which show Palestine as the entire state of Israel.

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Some of the shirts demand to “End Israeli Occupation” and “Free Gaza.”

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The apparel is not being sold by Sears itself but rather third party retailers who are provided a space on the Sears website to sell their products.

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One is the German based Spreadshirt and another known as City Shirts, Haaretz reported.

The website does also have small Israel flags and magnets for sale, according to Haaretz.

Image: Screenshot via has similar “Free Palestine” shirts available via third party retailers on its website.

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