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Philly cops look for teens who sucker punch disabled man, laugh, and then go back for seconds

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In a scene that is becoming all too familiar, though no less disturbing, a group of Philadelphia teens are seen laughing as one of them sucker punched an older man believed to be mentally challenged.

As the man tries to move away, a second teen is approached him to strike another blow as the short, slow motion video ends.

Young thug in the making, gears up to clock an unsuspecting disabled man. Video screenshot.

Gerald Andrews Sr. posted the video in slow motion on Facebook, asking people to share it to help identify the attackers.

“This guy is a friend of mine who happens to be mentally challenged,” he wrote.

Andrews told Philly.com that he works with the man in the “heartbreaking” video, whose name is Mark.

“He keeps that smile on his face,” he said. “He wants to talk sports. He’s a good guy.”

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Local police are still looking for the attackers, Philly.com reported.

Tom Tillison


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